Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

Happy Valentine's Day!

So my outfit today isn't very Valentine's-y but we had unexpected snow last night and I had a big meeting today so I decided to wear something that would cover up more but still look nice.

The Outfit
I'm wearing my maxi-skirt from Nordstroms which has this really great fish-tail element to it which feels so elegant. I decided to pair it with low heeled boots (for safety) and my wallpaper pattern sweater in charcoal and black.

I love the pattern on this sweater. Plus it keeps to my palette.

My low heeled Bandolino boots. I've had these for a while and they are very comfy. And sex-ah.

The Focal Point
Okay, I've been dying to get this! I saw this so adorable necklace when it was on She Breathes and fell. in. love.
It's a sterling silver liquor tag that reads "Champagne". And I love champagne! I ordered it from This is Genevieve in Australia and it just came last night. So I had to wear it today, of course.


And now I'm going to go home and sip on some pink champagne to celebrate.

Bubbles and Smooches!



WendyB said...

I love pink Champagne and your grey sweater.

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks Wendy!

Happy Valentine's Day!