Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit

I've been trying to be good about planning out my outfits the night before for the next day. I have a tendency to just throw something on because I'm always rushing in the morning. I'd end up wearing the same thing all the time and not wear any of my fun cool stuff.

I wanted to wear this new JCrew jacket, which I just love. It's green metallic bouclé and I like that it has a classic shape but some interesting details to it... and it was on sale! Whoo! Of course this jacket would be great with jeans (and I'm sure I'll wear it with jeans soon) but I had a client meeting so, while I could wear jeans, I didn't really want to.

So that meant a skirt. I have this dressy denim pencil skirt that is less casual but still has some texture to the dark navy fabric. Once I decided on the skirt, I was debating shoes. Oh yeah, and the fact that it was darn cold out. So I needed some tights. I had been thinking I would wear these Claudio Merazzi heels, but thought with so much green I'd be getting into leprechaun territory. And what tights would I wear?

10-28-08 by Princess Poochie

The Focal Point

I ended up deciding on navy tights and my Lela Rose navy and tan polka-dot heels. The navy tights, heel fabric and skirt give a streamlined look and the blue is equal in tone to the green of the jacket. I had a tan camisole on under the jacket which tied back to the dots in the shoes. I also wore a brooch with pearl on it. They mirrored the polka-dots. I also liked the contrast in the two patterns, especially since the jacket's is more textural and tonal.

I really like these navy tights from Target. I bought them to wear with a grey outfit (yet to be worn) but I'm happy with them here too.

I need to put an insole or heel gripper in these. They're a bit slippery, especially with having the tights on.


WendyB said...

Come to my blog to see my new shoes!

Princess Poochie said...

How could I ever resist an invite like that???


TheShoeGirl said...

Come to mine too! hahaha

These are adorable! :D
You are really good at doing the whole colored tights with the right shoes thing...

Lucille A. Anderson said...

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