Friday, November 2, 2007

Wha' Happened?

Have you ever seen an item in a commercial or on the runway and were instantly smitten? You MUST have that item, you wait, pining away for months until it finally makes its way towards your grasp only to be sadly disappointed?

That's how I felt about these Anemone ribbon heels from Monsieur Louboutin.

Look at them taunting me with their skyscraper heel, delicate silhouette and the luxurious creamy and inky satin ribbons looped artistically on the heel like the delicate sea-creature they are named after (or is it the flower it's named after?) When I saw these on months ago as you see them here, I instantly loved them.

I was thinking aobut them just yesterday and had not seem them on any of the usual sites so I dropped a note to one of the CL boutiques to check on availability.

They were in stock in my size (amazing!) but sooo pricey, of course, so I was tormenting myself about them all last night. Should I, or shouldn't I. Electric bill or amazing shoes. Decisions, decisions....

Then purusing my usual online reading I saw them featured on Shoewawa. But they didn't look quite like the picture I had seen. Hmmmm.... So I clicked through to Net-a-Porter to get a better look.

They had more pictures and this is what I saw. Okay, here they look similar. The ribbon is slightly different but still within the realm.

Then I looked at the back view. WTF?!?!? The look like someone made a bad bow with a Bowdabra and glued them on the back of the shoes! Aaackk!

They're just hanging there limply like over-cooked spaghetti. I sent an email to the CL boutique asking for clarification. Did I almost sign a contract agreeing to BUY these? (I was only thinking about, seriously honey, we will still have electricity so you can play Halo this weekend on the X-box).

They even tried to hide them by stuffing them under the pant cuffs. Or they pinned the ribbons to the pants. Cause you know those ribbons are going to be dragging the ground all over town.

So now I'm sad, disillousioned and am still going to be subjected to Halo all weekend.


Anonymous said...


I have them framed on my desk at work for motivation to keep work. On numerous occasions, I have come super close to just whipping out the card and buying them but I try to convince myself that they are not really worth that much. I see what you are saying about them, I think a good art student can make that bow and tack into onto the back of some black pumps... but they are still gorgeous.


giada said...

electric bill or shoes? My electric bill is $15 a month max. What are you doing? Lighting up a 50 foot christmas tree?

Poochie said...

Maybe a few months worth!

; )

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

yeah call me crazy but I really do think I love them...

Anonymous said...

they're amazing ! O:
how much are they exactly though?

ohmyalikins said...

Where can you find the "real" ones???

Poochie said...

As these are from a few years ago, I would keep looking on eBay as your best bet.