Thursday, October 27, 2011

Balloon Fest 2011

Balloon Fest 2011

This past weekend my Lil Sis and I went to the stunning Balloon Fest in Statesville NC.  It was a perfect (but early) Fall morning and we saw the most beautiful balloons.

I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.... 

We had a great time!  Check out more pictures on Flickr.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seasonally Spectacular - Sally Hansen Salon Effects Holiday 2011

As much as I was excited for the Halloween Sally Hansen Salon Effects, I'm even MORE SO about the Holiday 2011 designs.

I went into Target over the weekend and, as I turned the corner, I found they had them out and I knew instantly that I would have to get them.  There is no waiting on these limited edition designs.  If you see them, get them for yourself!

I got four out of the five designs.

The reds - Plaid About You, Peppermint Twist and Snow Bunny - go with everything I'm wearing, from pleated skirts and velvet blazers to Fair Isle Sweaters and tights.

I loved the black and metallic silver Prep's Cool but held off on the Winter Fun-derland as I have so many glitter polishes I should use.

These colors and designs are perfect with my Fall-Winter 2011 Themes but would go great for anyone.  Who isn't wearing a bit of red or some snuggly tights during the season?

UPDATED: Images 1, 3 and 4 are via Nouveau Cheap and her reader Christina of "and all things girly".

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Instant Access - 9/26 - 10/23

It's been a busy few weeks around here.  Furniture Market for my clients, a trip to New York to work with some blogger friends, a brief bout with a cold, opening our pub, backyard movie nights and spending time getting ready for the cooler seasons while finding them already upon us.
In the midst of that are, of course, shoes!

From my copper Marc Jacobs' oxfords...

Candy colored Converse....

Acquisitions over the last few months required a reworking of the shoe cabinets.  Only the extra special ones get prime placement...

While giving the cabinets a reshuffle, I played with some old friends, including Fendi's Cinderellas...



A random Tuesday needed some sparkle...

And then there were two pairs that I've been pining for.  First, the super shiny Alexander Wang tasseled pumps...

And then the over-the-top glitter Miu Miu sneakers....

Did the whole Seasonal Swap of clothes where I realize I have way too many grey and black sweaters.

Oh, yeah, my other obsession nail polish.

China Glaze's Phat Santa is my new favorite red.

Sally Hansen's Halloween designs are so fun.  This is Numbskull...

To match my new glitter sneakers I wore black matte tips and black shatter over China Glaze's Midnight Kiss.

In between all the hubbub, I found a few moments to nap in the hammock.

While others hogged the heated bed on a chilly night.

Oh yeah, I found this guy - a stapleless stapler!

Fall is starting off amazing!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

SD Project: Bijou Dressing Table

I am SO EXCITED to share my latest project with you.  It's been in the works for ages and it's finally, finally done!

As you may have seen from previous "home tour" posts, I have an old home that is fairly streamlined and not very girly.  I love our decor but I've always wanted a pretty dressing room.  I've been sort of adding elements, such as my shoe cabinets, to our guest room but I am loathe to take over the whole space completely.  I also, didn't really have a place that would be safe for a delicate dressing table or all the perfumes, puffs and crystal that I would want to be there.

But that doesn't mean that I haven't dreamed of a pretty space all my own...

Then I realized I did have one small space that I could repurpose into a bijou dressing table. I started making plans and lists...

In my funky old home I have a funny closet-in-a-closet space in the guest room.

You open the outer door and you see this rectangular space that has a clothes rod on the left, a window on the right and another deep cabinet straight ahead.

The inner cabinet holds the guest room blankets and pillows, hat boxes and craft supplies. I keep some shoes in here as well as my off season clothes.

I drew up plans for a shelf that would be hinged under the window which would be supported by a shelf bracket for a brace and two decorative chains on each side.  The bracket would be hinged to lie flat against the wall and then the table part, also hinged would be able to be lowered down so I could open the inner cabinet doors.

Once I decided on a plan, I started to plan my furnishings - vintage dressing table linens...

A Ghost chair to sit on...  I thought and searched for ages on what chair to have in the space.  It need to be high enough but small in width.  I looked at all kinds of chairs and stools from new Pottery Barn to vintage vanity stools.  In the end, I've always loved the Ghost chairs and the clear will keep the small space airy. 

With a color scheme of crystal, pinks soft and bright, gold and small touches of black, a sari was the perfect fabric to act as a cover for the clothing section and a window shade.

A gilded shelf for accessories...

Antique tassels...

The project has been on hold for a while but know that I'm back in town, the pub is done and I'm done being sick this week, it has all come together.

The outer door now has a small sign warning of the girly space inside.

Yes, I have a Keep Calm poster, but now it's hidden inside the "fourth wall" of the room.  The sari was long enough to cover the clothes still on the left, drape across the ceiling and down, suspended from chain, to cover and decorate the window.

Isn't it ADORABLE????

I've decorated it with some of my existing pieces as well.  A Waterford crystal sugar sifter for powder, a Caron puff, my Chanel and Chloe perfumes and Waterford clock (the first piece I ever bought from when I was 17) on a Waterford tray.  A glove hand and small boxes for jewelry.

The most crucial piece I invested in and that I was very specific about was the mirror.  I knew from the start that I wanted a vintage Murano dressing mirror and this one with it's gilding and pale pink glass flowers was everything I dreamed of.

The Ghost chair and my tuffet fit perfectly too.  I'm going to get a faux flokati to cushion and protect the chair.  That's the last detail.

The last details are these amazing antique hand-cut paper cuts I had framed.  With their fairy tale themes they are perfect for my new space.

And my gilded shelf holds a delicate glass carousel horse. 

I so thrilled to have my little space.  I can't wait to linger over perfumes and polish and powder.

We all need a special place to find a bit of peace... mine just happens to be pink!

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