Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hey, Sparkler! What's So Great About You?

I CAN NOT believe it has been so long since I've had a Sparkler here!!! With NYC, the puppy and general madness I must have been out of my mind.

Well let's fix that right now!

Say hello to Miss Michells (aka Decline Designs)...

Michelle is a "fashion blogger, freelance seamstress, lover of shoes. And cats!" She has a fabulous site - Decline Designs - and great vintage on Market Publique too.

But don't just listen to me, let's hear from her!

* I really like bright colors, as you may have noticed!

* I love shoes, like any reasonable person. My current favorite brand is Fluevog.

* I'm frequently interrupted to be informed that I talk too fast.

* I'm also frequently told that I'm long-winded. The book I wrote to enter into the Young Authors competition in 3rd grade was longer than all of my classmates' books combined.

* I am a ridiculous softie for animals. We have two cats that we rescued from being strays, and I want a dog too! I grew up in a house out in the country, where we had a lot of animals from a very young age. I've decided that when my husband and I get old and retire, we're going to rescue and foster animals.

* I had a mohawk at one point, and sometimes miss it, only to remember what a pain it was to put it up in the mornings.

* I've been a vegetarian since the age of 12-13, which was no picnic in the small, conservative town I grew up in!

* I'm a bit of a compulsive worrier, although I've got much better about it over the last six months.

* I am a huge, huge Buffy geek. As in, I own all 7 seasons on DVD plus all of the trade paperbacks of the season 8 comic, to date. (the aforementioned cats are named Wesley and Giles, despite Wesley being a female. We found her when she was too young to tell!)

* It's not a commonly known fact, but I love Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles. In fact, I have photographic evidence of my love from an early age.

* I am super, super proud and glad to have the mother and grandmother that I do; they are both total badasses and worked really hard to get where they are today. My grandmother was the one who instilled a feminist ethos in my mom, who in turn instilled it in me (even when I was young and naive and reacted by rolling my eyes and saying "Oh mom, we don't need feminism any more!" *cringe*). I love them both to death.

Thank you, Poochie, for asking me to be a Sparkler! I love your blog and have deep envy for your shoe collection :)


Thank YOU, Michelle for being a Sparkler! Everyone, go chat her up!

Okay... who's next?!? Come on, Sparkler, Spill it!


Ashe Mischief said...

Yay, Michelle!
God, I love that picture of her in the TMNT costume.

WendyB said...

That's some awesome hair!

TheShoeGirl said...

I love this! Great post :)

Mary P. said...

Agreed. That TMNT picture is adorable!

Michelle said...

Thanks guys! That TMNT photo remains one of my favorite childhood ones, haha.

@SEBBYWOOD said...

I LOVE MICHELLE. Coolest. Texan. Ever. (Apart from Stone Cold Steve Austin).