Monday, June 4, 2012

Inspiration = Flattery? Prada Flame Wedge vs ModCloth All Fired Up Wedge

I was not surprised when I saw a flame related accessory on ModCloth today. I mean, with Hunger Games and Katniss as "The Girl on Fire" it's bound to happen.

But I was surprised to see a wedge with obvious (although poorly executed IMO) knocked off elements.

The Prada Spring/Summer 2012 collection was filled with fiery heels, especially the blazing wedge.  Sure the pair from ModCloth are chunkier and simpler but the shape of the straps and flames at the ankle are identical. 

Haven't we been here before ModCloth?  Ignorance of your buyers is not an excuse.  I mean, this is a major shoe for the S/S 2012 season.  Do your buyers just not follow the fashion news and world or are they actively looking for "inspired by" pieces?

I know some will argue that it's making a style available to more people, with just enough distance to not be a true knockoff. And that's probably true.  I still think it's too close.


Flame on cobblestone image via Elle.


Lara said...

ModCloth knows what they're doing and whoever designed the shoes knows exactly what they're doing - the t-strap, the double toe strap, the white outlined flames... give me a break.

I've seen that wedge heel detail before too... a knockoff of someone else... just can't place the designer.

So sick of this.

gypsy said...

AIN'T nothing like the Prada, they're just so Sharp & well made. But the wedges aren't bad for the masses that want the look but don't have the dollars.

gypsy said...

Wanted to add for $63 you can buy these too, nothing again like true originals

Manolo the Shoeblogger said...

Disappointing, annoying, and sure to get the cutting look from anyone who sees these on your feets and knows the original.

"Ick. Look at that woman in the cheap knock off."

Charlotte Allen said...

To be quite honest, I don't think the cheapos look much like the Pradas, except for the white-edged flames (and they're done quite differently on each shoe.) I'd say "inspired by." The cheapo shoes look pretty horrid (not to mention cheap), but I'm not keen on the Pradas, either--too busy.