Sunday, April 10, 2011

Instant Access - 4/4 - 4/10

I've been called out for loving Instagram (I'm @Poochie, if you don't already follow along) and I have to admit, I do.  It's all in the details, right?

I started out my week with music and florals.

And Essie's Midnight Cami navy polish.

The Furla Candy Bags are super sweet. 
Take it from me, I love the tri-toned I got but the Acai blue is where it's at.
You'll see it here soon.

Power shoes a la Via Spiga

Out to lunch.

Did you know that the original Reynold's building in Winston-Salem
It even gets a card on Father's Day.

Of course, most of my week is with the animals.
Badger, above, had a corneal ulcer this week.  Poor baby.

Agni is looking for some sun.

Oona face.

Talus want's to get in on the action.

And sunshiney Clarence.

I work from a small white writing desk at home that has pops of color.
Japanese colored masking tape...

An Irish porcelain pony, moleskines and colored pencils.

The flowers mean Spring is really here. I love my favorite grape hyacynths and the lilacs smell like SweeTarts. I think I need some lilac perfume.

Meet my new crush, Dr. Tony Hill.  We spent most of Saturday together.

Ending the weekend on a high note.  Lemonade Converse,
a lunch/movie date and grilling dinner.

What will next week have in store for us?

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Brigit said...

Wire in the blood? I should check that out. :)