Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Sparkle 2014

Last night was my work holiday party.

And, always looking for an excuse to dress up, I had purchased this gold sequin dress from Lulu's a little while back.  The husband looked dashing in his JCrew and Banana Republic ensemble in grey and burgundy.

When I finally got the Sophia Webster Mila's a new they would be the perfect edgy combination to pair with the sparkly dress.

They're graphic and just so cool.  Now that they've had their "debut" I plan on wearing them with tons of other skirts, cuffed jeans and cropped pants.

For a clutch, I'd had my eye on a Charlotte Olympia Pandora for a while but haven't found the perfect one.  In the interim, I got this great customized version from Estoite on Etsy.

I love the details of his combo too. They're a bit hard to see here but the burgundy shirt has white and blue dots which are picked up in the blue bow tie with white equations.  The cool tones of the blue work with the grey heathered jacket fabric and contrast with the dark burgundy.   Snazzy!

We had a fun time at the party seeing everyone's outfits and then the two of us went to our favorite taco restaurant for a delicious meal!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Giving my heart away

I have a soft spot for heels with hearts…

How could I not fall in love with these cheeky, whimsical "Cora" sandals from Louboutin for Spring 2015???

I hope the heels isn't too high.  I couldn't bear the heartbreak!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pants and Pumps

For someone who claims to prefer skirts, I'm wearing a lot of pants lately.  My new uniform is fun pants and awesome shoes.

Red Old Navy pants and spiked Louboutin Pigalles…

Black diamond Old Navy pants and mint Kate Spade Karolina Bow pumps..

Jcrew olive military-inspired tuxedo-stripe pants plus old Jimmy Choo Thunder slingbacks…

Old Navy red print pants plus Manolo Blahnik red sequin heels...

Plaid pants and red Valentino Rockstud kitten heels…

I think I can make it through winter like this.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

On The Fringe

I have been wanting a particular dress for ages.

I loved all the costumes in Down With Love but I particularly loved the red fringe-y dress worn in the date montage scenes.

I finally found a similar dress and feel ready to wear it.  I got it yesterday and it looks spectacular!

I've been planning this FOR YEARS, because I have a pair of vintage red velvet Joseph La Rose heels, just like the ones worn in the movie that have been panting to be paired up with that dress.

They look so good together I can't stand it!  Now… where shall I go to shake my fringe?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not Even Winter; Waiting For Spring


Like you wouldn't be thinking about these even though they are 6 months away from being a reality.

I mean, come on!  Rainbow Rockstuds.

Also known as the Valentino 1973 Chevron Slingback Rockstud.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Falling Forward

I know I've been terrible at posting but Fall is such a busy time that it's hard for me to get on the computer to write when I'm out and about!

That said, here's a small cameo shot from a recent outing.  My co-worker took a picture of my shoes, the JCrew leopard Ettas, and my husband's stripy socks.  We're co-ordinated in a "power clashing" kind of way.

I'm also going to give these babies a try… the Sophia Webster Mila booties (I've been eyeing them up for a while) and...

… the Valentino runway Carmen booties.   They're so impractical but I'm so in love with them.  

I hope I hate them both so they can stop haunting my dreams.  But I'm worried they won't!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Loving Lucifer

Everyone is loving the Lucifer Louboutins today.

 They are well named, because, damn… they are high even for me.

I do have two peeves about them, as gorgeous as they are, though.

1. The spikes have dulled a bit after 2 years but I can't think of a way to polish them up.


2. The sizing, as with all Louboutins, are wildly inconsistent.  I mean I had to go a full size down with these - from a 35 to a 34.  That's just crazy!

But at the end of the day, you just can't fault them because they are so darn good.

Something good, something bad? Bit of both?