Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall-Winter 2011 - Daydream Themes

I'm not sure if anyone else does, but I tend to think of my seasonal wardrobe in themes.  I don't always stick to it very strongly but it does give me outfit ideas and inspiration for the next six months. 

Past themes have been "Modern Princess, Lawn Party and Sparkling1950s" for this past spring/summer. Purchases that season included a vintage Swirl dress from Shrimpton Couture, a sequin cocktail dress from JCrew and a rose-bedecked dress from Talbots.  Last winter was "Dark Woods, Fairy Tales and Uniforms".  I added a faux fur capelet, the Where the Wild Things Are/Opening Ceremony faux fur skirt and a pencil skirt with a pheasant applique from Anthropologie.

This year I'm considering "Clean College Prep and Chromatic French".  "College Prep" getting me excited for knee-high boots, cozy sweaters, tonal layering and plaid while "Chromatic French" will be whimsical, classic and built around red, black and creme. 

Here are a few of my inspirational images thus far:

I'm pulling back on spending lately, so I'll be doing a lot of creative closet shopping.  I have a full plan to do a closet clean out and hopefully switch to the "Five Piece French Wardrobe" shopping method.  I need to flush this out first and then I'll post on it, but I'm going to be good about buying only long term items.  For someone who gets bored of their clothes, this will be a challenge. 

But maybe I get bored with my clothes because they are generic.  Hmmm...

Anyway, I've got my eye on some glittery sneakers, a super bright tote, a clear clutch, a new blazer and maybe some velvet.  We'll have to see what materializes and how the fashion kismet will work with me.

We still have a few weeks left of warm weather, especially here in NC, but I'm excited for Fall!


Lara said...

Everyone is in love with that top pic on Pinterest. It looks so comfy and cozy but well put together.

That five-piece French wardrobe idea is brilliant!

It's been a long hard process but I've donated soooo many things from my closet over the past two years, filling another grocery bag this weekend. This go 'round were things I thought were great but wore once and was uncomfortable in, so unlikely to ever wear again.

Can't wait to see what you end up getting for Fall!

Marianne said...

That top outfit is so good, isn't it? It started a whole entry for me as well!