Friday, March 30, 2012

Seeing Sherbet

Sometimes when I get a catalog, I dog-ear every page. And sometimes, there is just one panel that becomes the only thing you can see.

In the latest Saks catalog, it was this page of delightful sherbet hued Ray-Ban sunglasses.  They could not be more perfectly made for my Pastel Ice Cream Sundae themed Spring and Summer.

Ironically, even though I worked for Sunglass Hut in marketing (a million eons ago), I don't really have a large sunglasses wardrobe.  I really only have 3 pairs - black Miu Mius, the white Baroque Pradas and the red glitter Miu Mius.

I'm debating between the violet and the mint...

The soft tones are so dreamy. I just can't decide!  Maybe I'll get both!

These don't go on sale at Saks until mid-April but if you do a search for Ray-Ban Erika, I've seen them in a few places online, generally for around $109.

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Anonymous said...

Don't debate, just get both!! you know you want too!! LOL!!