Friday, April 20, 2012

A Deeper Meaning

When I was growing up in Miami and in my freshman year in high school, there was a brief trend with wearing enameled pendents of nautical flags.

If you aren't familiar with boating, the colorful flags sported on many boats and ships each represent a letter, number and, additionally a word and a larger meaning.

I remember at the time being less than thrilled with my initial's flag - "C".  I thought it was too boring.

I'm not sure what happened to my necklace but for some reason, I totally want one again.  I've been researching all kinds of initial pendents and this popped into my mind again.  I found these at Style Newport and they come in gold and silver and in two sizes.

I'd love to get one to represent each member of my family but I think wearing 14 charms (one for me, my husband and each of the pets) would be a bit weighty.  Maybe I should go with a bracelet instead of a necklace.

What I think would be kind of funny, and a great inside joke, would be to wear a pendent that is communicating the deeper meaning associated with the flag.    Personally I think wearing the J flag would be hilarious.  J equals "Juliet" which also equals "I am on fire and have dangerous cargo".  Or maybe I should wear K for "I want to communicate with you".

How great of a pick-up opportunity would these be to wear in a bar, especially were the boating-types go.  Secret signals and all that.

What message would you wear?

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