Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Photography Works

In the world of online branding and shopping, visuals are key.  Since you can't see or try on the product, we the customers are placing a lot of faith in the descriptions and how the products are visually presented.  So we need good clear imagery and multiple views.

But don't forget the romance.

What's going to catch my eye first is a gorgeous shot.  Let's use these two images of the Freya Rose "Ennis" gold rose peep-toe heel as an example.

I saw this shot from Naomi Kenton on I Heart Wedding Dresses and was instantly entranced...

The shoe practically glows. Who wouldn't want these molten gold heels on their feet.

But then I went to the Freya Rose site to order them.  And then I saw the site's images.

What happened???  Where did my lovely dreamy feeling go?

I was no longer entranced.  In fact, I was a bit turned off by them.  It could be the different view of the shape or the harsh lighting but now I'm not as smitten.  I still love the rose element but now I wish it was on a different shoe.

If the brand's site had used the first image above, I would have bought them.  Now, my money will probably stay in my pocket.  Sure, it's good to get a straightforward view of the shoes but don't forget to romance the customer a little bit too.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! They went from ingenue to matron in the blink of an eye!! What happened to the lovely rose gold? The shoe pictured on the site is not shown in an appealing color or angle!