Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Feeling Grounded

It's interesting to me how different pairs of shoes can impact you mood.   Whimsical. Confident. Sexy.  But when I feel the most grounded and strong is wearing a pair of knee-high flat boots... lacing optional.

It probably goes back to my teen years when I was learning English dressage and jumping.  I loved it.  I was learning and pushing my boundaries.  Plus, horses!

Since then, I've always loved an outfit that gives a nod to the equestrian.  From the tall black boots that make me want to stride, to polished jackets and tailored fabrics, I feel at home.  It's funny how rare is it to feel really good in my own skin.  I guess I need to wear my tall boots more often!


Anonymous said...

You rarely feel good in your own skin? You are beautiful, seriously. Take away the shoes, the awesome clothes and what do you have? Still beautiful.

Lucie said...

those boots look great