Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nope, still not feeling it.

I miss the days when I loved everything Jimmy Choo had.

 Now it's just too "Vegas-y" and I can't get into it.

Is it me or are they really as flashy as I think they are?

Especially the Cruise 2013 collection.  I can only picture these with too tight mini-dresses.  They just don't appeal to me at all.

Maybe I'm just too old for Jimmy Choo now.  What do you think?  Is Jimmy Choo targeting the 20-something bombshell market or have they just lost their way?


Anonymous said...

I agree, the gold/silver Malika, is very Vegas-y. I'll pass on them but I'll take the teal Diva and the yellow Malika!


Delta said...

It's a high priced call girl look.
Don't like the direction at all. I think i'm gonna sit this one out.13ennolvi

Jeanie said...

I like some of those shoes but wouldn't be caught dead in them. Actually, they'd probably kill me, what with the heel height and all. Plus I'm way too old to even consider anything pictured.

Belinda Mills said...

estilva69I totally agree, and have been thinking this for a while now. Jimmy Choo's heels are oh so 10 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Love the teal and turquoise colors but the shoes are too much.


Anonymous said...

Too young, too sluttie, too high, too much money; they sold out - literally.

- Anon2