Friday, January 18, 2013

Wedding Bell Shoes

I've been speaking with a lovely bride-to-be about what to splurge on for her wedding.

Besides the event items - for us it was good drinks, food and a live band - there are the items for you the bride.

Back when I got married, I had actually never thought I would get married, so I didn't have a ton of ideas or preferences.  I was probably so un-opinionated that I was annoying to my vendors.  The dress I got was okay, I did my own make-up, I should have gone with a different hairstyle.

And I didn't really get very special shoes.

If I were to do it again, or if we were to do a vow renewal, I would have more of a theme to tie the day together, I'd wear a completely different style of dress and I'd probably get a really bright pair of shoes.

I love the idea of a fluffy white dress with a pop of colorful shoes.  The green ones above are great but I love the traditional "blue" shades too.  These beauties are all from BHLDN

I also think a pair of glittery heels would be fun too, especially in a great color.  Miu Miu, does the best, of course.

If we had to plan a wedding re-do right now, I'd find a 1950s dress and pair it with my silver Miu Miu pumps and sparkle down the aisle. 

Maybe I do need a vow renewal!


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Love the heels Poochie.... Awesome! Vow renewal may be in order.