Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good Things to Those Who Wait

I've been coveting the dimensional Tory Burch Flora bag since I saw it on the runway for Fall 2012.

When it finally came out in stores, I was a bit dismayed at the price. At nearly $1000, I was not going to buy it any time soon.

I tracked for months.  On the site, in stores, in Friends and Family sales.  Eventually I gave up when the Spring 2013 items were posted and the bag went off of the site.

Then, I receive a "Private Sale" notice.  Hoping this was a keyword for clearance, I took a chance.  And there it was for more than 75% off.  Yeah for me!

It's still not an inexpensive item but it's so classically shaped, neutrally colored yet totally unique, I know I will be wearing this for years.  I love the multi-season appropriate color, the faux tortoiseshell link handle and delicate flowers.  Plus the size and shape is great.  I can't wait until it arrives!

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