Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anthropologies Exercises Cute

Since January, I've been a regular participant at Pure Barre and I'm loving it! While I'd lost a bunch of weight over the last year, the PB classes have noticeably toned me up and helped improve my overall strength, especially in my core area.

And because I was going fairly regularly, I needed to get some new workout gear.  At PB they like you to be somewhat covered up but I also wanted to be cool and comfortable too, especially as it can get a bit warm but I was transitioning in from the cold of outside.

I don't like paying a lot for workout gear so I did a great stock up on cropped compression pants, sports bras and tees at Old Navy.  They really do have great activewear.

But recently I found out that Anthropologie expanded into activewear as well and I love the Pure + Good line.  Their jackets are especially cute, and as I needed an additional option, I nabbed this cute ruffled version

I also got these compression pants with the sweet ruffle, in grey and black.  Some of the reviews have said they were sheer but I find them to be rather thick and not great with breathability.  If you want to keep warm, these would be good options.  They hit me just below mid-calf and are very cute in person.

I got the grey pants on sale but the other two pieces were full price.  If you are buying the higher end yoga/workout gear, I'd say the prices are in line with these.  And they are fun and unique.  I like having a few unique pieces but for general day to day gear I'm sticking to my Old Navy pieces.  Of course, if these hold up tons better than the Old Navy tops, I'll let you know.

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