Friday, April 9, 2010

Shoes for a Modern Princess

The term princess is often used in a negative way. A girl who is spoiled and bratty and too "precious" for words. But I think adding a bit of princess to your wardrobe in entirely necessary. No matter your style, everyone needs a dash of the special, a bit of sparkle and something to make her feel like dancing in clouds or walking on bubbles.

The Fendi "Cinderella" platform is definitely for the modern princess. Graphic and powerful with a Lucite platform that gives the impression of floating above the ground and delicate fabric wrapped around your feet.

The Christian Louboutin Poseidon peep-toe is for the sea-god's rebellious younger daughter. Someone who wants to break out, party and shine, shine, shine.

A flower fairy or English princess surrounded by an unruly scented garden would be perfect in these heels. I love Manolo Blahnik's Sedaraby shape but with the Impressionistic pattern.

The Swan Sister would love these delicate Manolo Blahnik Eila feather sandals. They're made for the most delicate feet and need a full tulle skirt to do them justice.

I see these Valentino Fairy Tale sandals as the perfect shoe for Cinderella-in-transition. They're delicate but distressed. A bit messy but still gorgeous.

Yes, another Sedaraby from Manolo Blahnik but with the rose print they are the perfect shoe for Brier Rose. She loves to surround herself with rosebuds and kittens.

One of my favorites of the new season are these Rene Caovilla sandals. The swirling flower straps remind me of a transformation scene. You could walk down the street feeling as if you were surrounded by singing flowers, bunnies and speaking birds.

I don't want practical shoes. I don't need shoes that ground me, I need shoes that help me live my fairy tale. That lift me up and make me want to dance down the street singing. I'm looking for the special.
I'd love to see your fairy tale shoes too!

Fendi "Cinderella" - from Bergdorf Goodman (in-store only)
Christian Louboutin "Poseidon" - Saks Fifth Avenue
Manolo Blahnik Floral "Sedaraby" - Bergdorf Goodman
Manolo Blahnik "Eila" - Neiman Marcus
Valentino "Fairy Tale" - Bergdorf Goodman
Manolo Blahnik Rose "Sedaraby" - Neiman Marcus
Rene Caovilla "Flowerboing" - Bergdorf Goodman


Midtown Girl said...

Yes to Fairy Tale Shoes!!! And those Fendi's are so stunning - a dream shoe to have ;-)


WendyB said...

You know I die for fish feet!

Anonymous said...

do you know if there is any place apart from that tiny-fogotten-by-everyone shop in chelsea where people actually buy manolos from ? why is it not so popular ...

Anonymous said...

yeah i meant london chelsea. looks like it s quite impossible to buy manolos if you dont live in the states. anyone ?

TheShoeGirl said...

Fendi shoe= slutty cinderella

;) I should know.

Princess Poochie said...

Oh, reallllllyyy Miss ShoeGirl???

Anon, I buy most of mine online from Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth avenue. In the UK I think there's Browns, Harrods and Selfridges, do they carry them? I've also bought several from good sellers on eBay.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

no this doesnt help :(( no one sells them apart from that original shop (if you saw the location, most of the people wouldnt know it even exists and it s dark and doors are locked cos no one ever comes there !!! ) those sites are only for the us + i dont like buying online because of sizes - everything always comes in different sizes.

another question, im thinking i need to sell lots of shoes cos i ve got too many but again dont feel like i wanna sell online and i dont use ebay - do you have any suggestions - how do i go about it, in terms of searching for a place that may potentially buy used shoes ? basically what do i type in my search google :))))

Princess Poochie said...

Anon - Hmmm... I'm sorry I can't help you more. It does seem pretty strange. And if you aren't comfortable buying online you may be limited. I buy most of mine online because we don't have any stores locally either.

For selling, if you don't want to do eBay a consignment shop may be your best bet. Not sure if the term is the same there but that's what I would do. Or you could try selling directly via a blog or finding a blogger who has a store.