Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Breaking Boundries

As you may know from my Instagrams and Tweets, I've just started a new job.  Among all the moving office stuff and learning who everyone is and what they do, I'm also contending with a big shift in workplace style.

It's funny how different each new company is.  They each have a unique personality, character and (not withstanding a few outliers) style.

I've worked at many different extremes along the "professional dress" scale.  At Disney, we had a full Look Book of rules and regulations that applied to office staff as well as those "On Stage". While our creative team had a dispensation and could dress however, the rest of the department was required to at least adhere to the spirit of the law, if not the letter.  Some groups were really picky and some less so, but over all, it was pretty toned down and conservative. On a personal note, I didn't break any rules (I actually kept a copy with me all then time) but I did raise some eyebrows at times.

My now former company was towards the other end.  We did dress up for presentations but on the day to day it was pretty casual.  Let's say that flip-flops, shorts and tees were common year round.  I can't say that I fell fully into this camp either.  I tended to be a bit dressier but I also felt comfortable being a bit experimental too.  One day would be a conservative look but another would be a sequin skeleton dress with laced-up boots, a vintage band jacket or a big pink gingham poofy skirt. 

I can't peg myself as casual or conservative... I'm.... hmmm... whimsical, I guess would capture it best.

But my new place is leaning more towards the conservative side.  We don't have to wear hose as a mandatory, like at Disney but I'm not sure how a crazy glitter sneakers are going to go down.  So I'm starting out with some of my favorite interesting-yet-fun outfits.  A grey belted shirt dress with bright green accents at the collar and cuffs, a lace print shift and a bow sweater top and great patterned tights.

I was really keen to see how others have showcased their style as well.  One lady was wearing the most striking mangenta-y purple nail polish.  Another has great style with perfect tailoring and some of the guys dress quite snazzy with a real eye for pattern, color and detail.  The spirit seems to be all about playing with the parameters not worrying about any boundries.

So I'm doing the same.  Great polish. Great accessories. Great shoes, of course. 

Going forward I'll probably be weeding out some pieces that I liked and hung on to, despite the fact that I only wore them once or twice. I know I'll be making a few purchases that support those I already have.  I've found a great red pencil skirt.  I want cardigan in a good black and white pattern.  And I really have been on the perfect pointed black pump to wear with skirts and jeans and at a height to wear all day.  Jimm Choo has two options but I'm still considering options.

I have a new office to decorate and a new me to decorate too.  I better start shopping my closet with a new eye!


Gerri Ward said...

Congratulations! Your manicure is lovely as are your Choo choices!
You have a great eye for style!

Vyque said...


Lea said...

The nails in your picture are too good for words! Would you be so kind as to tell me what lacquer you used? And congratulations on your new job! You are every woman. :)


Anonymous said...

Those are great shoes! It looks like somthing really similar on the Chinese Laundry website. Check it out and it's half the cost!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and have fun playing with the "new rules"!

- Anon 2