Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shoe Focus - Manolo Blahnik Fiocam Mary Jane

What can I say that isn't already obvious when you look at this shoe?

It's Manolo Blahnik, my favorite designer.

It's a patent mary jane, one of my favorite styles.

It's got an adorable bow.  I can't resist a cute bow.

But it's the combination that makes it irresistible!

Manolo has taken his power shoe - the urban shoe legend, no less  - the Campari, and evolved it.  The heel is not as overtly sexy.  It's a bit lower and more walkable.

And adding the peek-a-boo window and a sweet bow... now you have sweet and sexy.

Of course I got them!

Manolo Blahnik Fiocam... get them at Saks!

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Anonymous said...

I have a fondness for mary-jane's too! Even though they're out of my price range, I really love these! Do you have an outfit planned to wear with them?