Thursday, June 21, 2012

Position on Platforms

When we were in NYC last weekend, I made time to stop at the Saks Fifth Avenue Shoe Floor.

Of course, right?!?

Both Bergdorfs and Saks were having a major sale and shoes (and ladies) were all over the place.  While I love a good sale, situations like that tend to overwhelm me (which is another reason why I shop online so much) so I ended up not purchasing a single shoe.

But I did linger for a moment by the Fall 2012 Miu Miu display.  As always, the Miu Miu line had some of my favorite designs for the season with great curvy heels and glitter perfection.

But as I was standing there admiring the heels, I heard the most shocking thing!

My husband, who doesn't opinion often on the fashion front, stated he thought platforms were trashy!

What, what, WHAT!!!!

Not that this statement would stop me from wearing a platformed heel (especially that blue and gold studded number above) but I was floored.  I see quirky and maybe clunky-ly adorable but not cheap or anything.  Bizarre! Sure some platformed heels can have a "bad reputation" but not all of them.

What do you think?  Do you think all platforms look tacky or are some saved by their design and materials?


gypsy said...

Good God I love the burgundy and Navy damn they are exquisite, especially the Navy tired of spikes.

gypsy said...

I dont know if this will post 2x if it does, please delete one, having issues w/computer.
The burgundy and navy are to die for, especially the navy, I love the gold studs instead of spikes, tired of that already. The are really gorgeous, acutally anything Miu Miu is gorge, Prada the same, that woman is amaze.

Jeanie said...

I don't think they're cheap, and I love the purple/burgundy shoes.

Pauline said...

These Miu Mius are lovely. For me, most platforms are trashy, especially Louboutins. They are hugely expensive and wearing those crazy Loubis will make any girl look like a prostitute.

Anonymous said...

Strippers tend to wear platforms. Maybe your husband is judging them on that.

Shoe Storage said...

The top ones are the sort I wear a lot. No way are all platforms trashy - I agree some are certainly made better than others. But what I do believe is that not everyone is cut out to wear them. Some people just make them look trashy as they cannot walk properly in them. If they're a size too big or too high for them, they tend to lean forward with their bottom sticking out, trying to keep their balance, and that does look trashy.

Jenny Baez said...

I love platform shoes.. I love them all!


WendyB said...

What?! I thought that man knew better!

Anonymous said...

As others have said, it depends on the person, the shoe, and the outfit.

Consider his statement a challenge and a reason to buy a handful of additional non-trashy platforms to convince him that he is mistaken? ;)