Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Le Sigh - Manolo Blahnik Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Manolo Blahnik is killing me with his Fall/Winter 2012 collection.  Gorgeous fabrics.  Clever embellishments.  Perfect heel shapes.  Basically my style - classic shapes with unique elements.

From baroque fabric and ribbons to french knots to jeweled buckles, they're lush and lovely.  I see he's still using his BB heel but also candlestick shapes as well as well-balanced weightier options. And the colors are great as always.

Here are my favorites but you can see the full collection here.


Megan said...

Those first ones are amazing. I covet them so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I find your blog fun & fascinating and have nominated you for The Sunshine Award! For more details, check out my blog :)