Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jingle All The Way

Charlotte Olympia is a woman after my own heart.  I love a good themed shoe.

And how adorable are these Christmas Pudding-tastic flats.  I would wear the heck out of these and even pair them up with a red and white reindeer sweater.

But even better are these sexy mistletoe platform pumps.  Simple, elegant but just a wee bit quirky.  Too pretty to be tacky but almost wanting to be.   I love them.

Her Christmas collection even includes a Christmas Pudding clutch, Jingle Bell ankle strap heels and glitter kitty flats.  It's too much goodness!

Now I must talk myself out of a bow-adorned Pandora clutch!


Delta said...

I wear Christmasy rhinestone clip earrings on my plain shoes and love the look. Once in a while I can find the right shoe clips but the earrings work great.

It's also amazing what you can do with a pair of Payless shoes and a glue gun.

Adam Thomson said...

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