Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finding Fendi

The more I thought about the Fendi Studded Pyramid ankle boots, the more I knew I need to have them.

They are a bit chunky and aggressive.  But they are architectural and unique.  I'm kind of digging that they are not my usual single sole pump style.  These are some serious power shoes.

I haven't had an opportunity to wear them yet but I'm looking forward to the reactions.  These are not shy shoes. They're shoes that get noticed.

I hope I'm ready for them!


Pauline said...

they are gorgeous!!! I have my eyes on them, too. They being 5-inches, are they comfy???

Pie said...

I think they're fabulous! Great purchase!

Pie said...

Great shoe! Fantastic purchase!

Kathleen said...

Hi, I think they look amazing! It has a really fun and unique design that will definitely attract some attention!


Delta said...

Going on a major limb here: I think they are hideous.
There, I said it. kill me now.

sapatos online said...

Wooow... great design ;)