Friday, May 17, 2013

Imitation = Flattery? Dior Metal Pump vs Tildon Megan Pump

One of my favorite heel designs from Spring 2013 was the Dior metal strap pump.

I thought the heel was great, the colors were perfect for Spring and the use of the bold metal strap toughened up and modernized what could have been a bit simple and girly.

Yet it still keeps the feminine look that pairs well with the dresses and skirts of the season.

I guess that why I should not be surprised that there is already a knock-off in stores, specifically the Tildon Megan pump.  The lines are not nearly as good and the way the metal strap is done looks cheap. 

I didn't buy the Diors, although I wish I could have, but I certainly would not consider the Tildon's.  they took a beautiful, graceful design and dumbed it down to the point where it is pointless.


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