Friday, May 24, 2013

Light-hearted for Long Nights

If I was on the look out for fun Summer shoes that were not going to break the bank, I'd head over to LuLu's.

Their site is filled with inexpensive but cute options, including a number for sweet shoes.  Some are knockoff designs, to be sure but I think these options are cute in their own right.

City Classified Rigel Floral Sandal - $21

GoMax Calantha heel - $53

Bamboo Pino White Wedge - $34

Talia Metalic Flats - $19

Shoe Republic LA Fuchsia Pumps - $32

Lots of fun with styles and colors.  Of course, you need to ensure they are comfortable and review the materials, but I like that you can  find some adorable shoes at a great price.

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Jeanie said...

Cute shoes, and cheap!