Friday, February 6, 2015

Neon, neon

I haven't worn this JCrew skirt nearly enough. I love the bright, almost neon, pink of the sequins. How they swish and move and reflect the light.

I paired it with a simple black top and then bookended it with Sophia Webster Daria slingbacks with the black cap and the neon orange and pink patterned straps and heels.

And this clutch just arrived from Kate Spade. The Kiss Me, You Fool clutch is a part of the "On Purpose" collection and I just love it.  I wish I'd had it to wear with the skirt and heels.

I almost never wear my midsize bags any more. It's all about the clutch and Kate Spade does do the best whimsical clutches around.

You'll be seeing this a lot come Spring.

1 comment:

Pink Haired Princess said...

Argh, love that skirt with those heels and that clutch is FABulous!