Monday, February 9, 2015

Riding the Rainbow

I haven't even had to live through April showers to get to these Spring rainbows!

How gorgeous are these Valentino Rockstuds.  I think they are going to be "the" shoes of the season.

They are just nothing short of 100% stunning.

Also known as the Valentino 1973 Chevron Slingback Rockstuds.



Oooh yess! That's a definite showstopper!


Adrian FS.

Pink Haired Princess said...

I was quite harsh on these in your other post and while I still don't like them, they look a LOT nicer in your photos than the promo shots. I'm not a massive pointy toe fan, so perhaps that's it. That box is amazing though!

Delta said...

Love the colors, but the style is getting tired.

Life's a shoe said...

wow so pretty!