Sunday, August 10, 2008

Earth to Poochie. Come in, Poochie

Hi everyone!

I haven't been abducted by aliens or under house arrest or anything the past few days, I've just been either running around or exhausted. That's why it pays to jump on the Twitter bandwagon and follow me. Because I have to tell you, my life is totally that interesting!


Thursday night we went out for a belated B-day dinner with some friends. I got the cutest plaque as a gift which I now have to hang up on my closet door. I'll take a pic of it as soon as it is up, but for now you will need to remain in suspense.

Then on Friday I was at a conference all day. How riveting was it? Does the fact that I was taking pics of my shoes under the table tell you anything?

I mean, they are cute, but it was a long day.

Then I had to go get another rabies shot at the hospital. Always a good time. And then I went to Target and Michaels.

Saturday I loafed around watching The 10th Kingdom all day when I should have been productive doing work (I blame all of this distraction on Wolf, if you know what I mean.), and then making cupcakes for our Backyard Movie Night.

Today the hubby woke me up with a delicious breakfast of eggs from our chickens, veggie sausage, toast, jam, hot tea and fresh pineapple. I caught up on all of the online world stuff I'd missed out on the past few days (darn you guys can Tweet!) and did all the dishes.

When we finally got our act together we went out to do the returns I needed to do and went on a multicultural spree.

My shoes today - love these green Sperry Topsiders - via TwitPic

I got two large bottles of green tea, pocky, poppadums, a tiffin tin to carry lunch, Indian snacks & Hello Kitty biscuits in chocolate and strawberry.

Now I need to get some work done before I can post some more! I'm so slack, I know!


Anonymous said...

Those Sperry Topsiders look so cool on you. I love the color, too.

jalilifer said...

Love the green Sperry Topsiders! Very 1984, in good way. :)