Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hey, Sparkler! What's So Great About You?

I just can't get enought of my Sparklers!!!

This week's Sparkler is gorgeous girl is Mademoiselle Robot! Delightful lady who is one of the busiest people I know (mom, writer, internet troll ass-kicker, stylist and stylish) who also created Puppy, Kitty, Bunny - aka the cutest site around!

Follow her on Twitter too, so you don't need to just take my word for it... this girl rocks. But enough of my yapping, let's hear why she's great in her own words:

Hey lover,

* I always rescue animals.

* I smile when a good song comes onto my iPod, no matter where I am.

* I always tell it like it is and I don't care if people think less of me for it.

* I like hot boys, but I appreciate hot girls even more.

* I think 99% of people are douche bags, so I cherish the remaining 1%

* I am always up for new adventures.

* I hate losing but I am totally ok with it.

* I have a potty mouth but I don't use it to insult people (at least not too often).

* I am a devoted friend.

* I am proud of everything I have done, even the worse things.

* I always question myself about everything I do.

- xxx

Love it!

Okay... who's next?!? Come on, Sparkler, Spill it!


Mademoiselle Robot said...

HA! I had forgotten about my list. Thank you so much! XXX

Ashe Mischief said...

* I think 99% of people are douche bags, so I cherish the remaining 1%

I knew there was a reason I heart Tish!

WendyB said...

^^I like that one too!