Thursday, May 21, 2009

Magic Shoes

I try not to rank the items in my wardrobe. When people ask me what are my favorite pair of shoes I usually say I can't pick just one because I love them all.

But these might be near the top.

I bought these Marc Jacobs peep-toes in 2005 on a business trip to Ohio. I went into the Nordstroms at this really nice open air mall and just instantly fell for them. I didn't even have room to pack them but I had to have them. I think I actually wore them out of the store.

They have such a great retro look to them but the colors are just so modern and fun. This is the Marc Jacobs I like. Some of his newer stuff, not so much.

Mixed materials in burgundy, purple and pink.

Because the shoes are so vibrant I wore a simple black pencil skirt with a kicky pleat in the back and a pink cami under a purple cardigan. This shade of purple is one of my favorites. I need to find more tops in it because I always get compliments when I wear the color.
(yes, I should have put some lipstick on for this!)

Since cleaning up my closets for Summer I'm determined to wear more of my existing shoes, so get ready for more pinks and whites. I have my new New York purchases to work in too, so I really need to get on the picture taking!


WendyB said...

Yep...those are amazing! Great colors.

Mademoiselle Robot said...

These shoes are so pretty! I also miss the Marc who would make shoes good enough to eat.

beryl said...

i love your hair.
(and the shoes :D)

LightStealer said...! They look like candy :)

Ashe Mischief said...

That purple IS one of the best colors ever... I'm totally with you on needing to find more clothes in it!

And those shoes are so beautiful... when I saw them on Flickr I presumed they were a recent score on your NY trip!

M-L-E said...

LOVE those shoes! ;-) might be up there with the other favorites of mine.. hey, what about a 'featured shoe of the week' post.. ;-) the extent of your collection is so awe inspiring.

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks all!

Ashe - They are quite a few years old but I baby them because they are so pretty.

M-L-E - I should do that. Some do not get enough love that they deserve. I'm daunted by thoughts of shooting all of them.

Jennifer Nicole said...

Adorable! I love wearing "statement shoes" with a simple outfit, and am always drawn to classic styles with a fun or modern twist.

Tamia said...

Love the color combo of the shoes--kind of Barbie-meets-pinup.

I just posted about cleaning out my closet for summer, but mine is such a mess! Do you have any tips/advice?