Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sweet Surprises

Yesterday was a day filled with so many great surprises. Not only was it my 2nd blog-o-versary and I received a bunch of lovely comments but I was also named a "Cool Blog about Fashion and Style" by Seventeen magazine! I was soooo surprised and excited.

Then when I got home I had a large parcel sitting on the table waiting for me...

What could it be?

Well about nine months ago, way back in November, I totally fell for
Luella's Spring/Summer 2009 RTW collection after seeing it via a post by Miss Susie. I had to get something from this collection but I was especially smitten by the shoes! They reminded me of the whimsy of my Miu Miu teacups but in even more sugary colors.

I love that her influences for this collection were a bit mad, a bit aristocratic - "I wanted it to be a proper, ladylike character—but a bit psychedelic," Bartley said. "And I wanted color, but in a sort of sick way. When I saw it all lined up, I thought, Ew! Can we do this?"

Right up my alley, because, look at the shoes!

So I've been patiently waiting for months for the collection to come out and then the online store to open. Then I found out the shoes would not be sold online only via the UK shops. Why? Why? Why?!?!

So I finally called the store and they said that the Spring/Summer pieces were actually on sale and only a few left. Well I had to jump on it right then and there! I asked about any of the heart heels in any color in the smallest size they had. They started at 36 and they only had a pink/purple pair left. Not even being sure which ones they were I said I'll take them.

But there were more hurdles! They didn't ship out side the UK.


Luckily for me, my lovely friend and penpal (and co-Cool Blogger per Seventeen) Mademoiselle Robot graciously offered to receive the package and then re-ship to me. What a dollface!

They made their way over the big blue ocean and landed on my table last night.

But then what to wear? I wanted to be equally eclectic and have the same frothy sugary fun with my outfit, that the runway outfits had. But most of my wardrobe is more streamlined and less patterned, if you can believe it.

In the end I pulled in pink, blue, fuschia, silk, tulle, damask and vintage pearls to create a look that I think captures the spirit of the collection using items I had already.

I wore a cropped damask jacket from a clothing swap I held, a fuschia cami, my new Liz/Isaac silk pink and white plaid skirt that has tulle and an underskirt so I'm a big meringue, a faux-pearl necklace and a vintage sweater clip.

I love this mix of colors. Oh! I almost forgot that I wore my new fuschia cropped gloves from Sermoneta.

They tied in with the cami and a stripe in the heels.

And here they are. I love heels with hearts. Is this number 3 or 4? Yikes!

I was so pleased when I saw which pair I ended up with. I think these are the best pair in the collection.

And did you notice the pretty distinctive profile shape?

Yeah, how did I forget/not know that these were made for the runway show for Luella by Georgina Goodman? I'm not that bright.

Now I'm doubly excited by these! Plus, they have little heart cutouts on the back too. Wheeeee!

I am not a patient person but I will stalk down shoes over time and space. Maybe I need to apply that patience to other areas of my life.


Leia said...

I absolutely love your outfit! :)

Katie said...

i LOVE these! they look like something a really cute anime princess would wear. the heart cut-outs are adorable!

congrats on the write-up!

Mademoiselle Robot ❤ said...

I think Luella is possibly the only designer whose visuals are so strong that when you wear one of their items, you feel like you HAVE TO emulate their aesthetics. The floral shorts I have from the same collection as your shoes make me go wild with colours and pattern clashes. At first I thought I could dress them down and just wear them with a white tee-shirt, but no way José, I gotta wear them wild.
The only Luella item I manage to wear "my way" is a cream cardigan because it is a basic!
I love the shoes on you, the outfit looks lovely. You should also try to do your hair up and wear a crazy bow or something!
HIYA SHOES! You were in my house and now you are at Poochie's feet.


ps - I was also excited about the Seventeen thing, so fun.

jennine said...

oh my goodenss, i haven't see what you look like for ages, and now it's tiwce in one morning... crazy! you're such a darling!

WendyB said...

I am going to MUG YOU FOR THOSE AWESOME SHOES! Expect it when you least expect it.

Oh, and now that you're showing skirt photos, a kilt picture please!

Princess Poochie said...

Miss Robot - I actually did go to work with my hair up but it got messed up so I had to put it down. And I have this vintage pink feather pill box hat that I almost wore with it. It looked like rain so I wimped out.

Jennine and Leia - Thank you!

Katie - I know, right!

WendyB - There may be some mutal mugging so watch out. I have my outfit all planned and was going to take the pic this past weekend but got brutally attacked by bugs so I may need some photoshopping on my legs!

Ashe Mischief said...

You look like a frothy, yummy cupcake! It want to hug you & have a tea party with you so badly!

Shit, you & Wendy are so lucky your feet are the size of teacups. I'd totally maul you for those heels-- they're GORGEOUS. Covet covet.

(This post reminds me why I REFUSED to read your blog for so long... le sigh.)

Anonymous said...

Those. Shoes. Are. BEAUTIFUL. And not even in a barbie/disney princess way. JUST IN A BEAUTIFUL WAY.

M-L-E said...

I ADORE these shoes.. lucky you! ;-)

Leanne Pizio said...

Congratulations one the Seventeen Magazine shout out! Wow! You are going places baby...
Love the shoes and the outfit. You captured the feel of the collection awesomely.
Too fun!

TheShoeGirl said...

OMG. I'm really very jealous. Like... I could cry I'm so jealous.

<3<3<3 LOVE these shoes!!