Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey, Sparkler! What's So Great About You?

Why yes, it is time for another Sparkler!!! And boy, oh boy (pun intended) do we have a fun new addition to the ranks!

Let me introduce you to Mr. SebbyWood! This guy is fun and so busy all the time, I don't know when he sleeps!

This UK partner in crime is great to talk to but you don't need to hear it from me... let's hear it from (for) him:

Spill it I will...

Before I start this list, I would like to make clear that I, contrary to popular belief, am a guy. I believe the first guy to be a sparkler on SD... and I'm honored. Truly, but as a believer in Female Supremacy, yes, you heard right, Supremacy, I don't know if I can list how I'm awesome, but I'll try.

* I'm a guy, and am a avid reader of this blog. That's pretty awesome. What's more awesome, is that I've taken advice from this blog, to buy my own female shoes.

* I'm a guy, and am confident enough to mix and match male and female clothing.

* I'm a guy, and need to point it out a lot... apparently... ha ha.

* As much as I probably should, I could never hold a grudge.

* I form opinions on people by only my experiences with them, and not that of hearsay.

* I am on the 5th level of Prestige of Call of Duty (which means I have completed the game, 5 times. Yes, I'm sad like that). My other favourite activities include listening, learning from, producing and presenting radio. Shopping. Browsing the Internet. Shopping. Designing websites. Shopping. Filming short films and Shopping.

* I have 36 pairs of shoes. Of which only 24 are male.

* I am a kind and loyal friend, and would do pretty much anything for the people I consider friends.

* I love radio. So much so that I am currently
creating my own radio station. I have my own weekly radio show (which is also awesome) and can't stop listening to radio.

* If we are out, talking, and you tell me that you haven't seen Anchorman, I will go and buy you a copy of that DVD. I think have bought about 28 copies of it so far and tell everyone to pass it on to the next person when they have seen it and find someone who hasn't. It's just a film that needs to be seen. I'm also obsessed by Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

* When slightly younger (and maybe slightly more naive) I helped establish the UK Youth Parliament, as well as lots of youth councils within the UK and London. Wanting to give a voice to young people (myself being one) and wanted to be able to affect decisions being made for them without any thought about them... It's still around today, as strong as ever.

* I am an amazing hugger. (Big headed I know, but isn't this whole exercise?) If you every feel down, or a bit empty, or just want a hug, I am the man with the most loving grip in the world.

* I am rather proud to be called someone's muse. Their inspiration for which they grasp to be productive in their field. In this case, photography, as you can see by the pictures taken alongside this article.

* I am an advocate of Wordpress to the highest level. I will preach about Wordpress to all my clients and friends who are thinking about creating a blog or website. So much so in fact, that Wordpress sent me a hoodie, to say thank you.

* Most importantly, I am happy. Truly happy. I have an amazing set of friends which hasn't been easy to get, taken years in fact... and also have real drive and determination to do something useful with my life. And I wouldn't think twice to help someone get to where I am today, if I could.

* Finally, I think I am the only male reader to this blog, who doesn't read just because of a foot or shoe fetish, which makes me pretty darn awesome as well.

Love to everyone, and I can't WAIT to read about the next Sparkler...

Seb. x

That's quite a question there in the last bullet. Do we have other male readers out there? Gonna speak up??? I'm curious too.

Okay... who's next?!? Come on, Sparkler, Spill it!


jennine said...

sebbywood is an amazing human being... such a good series!

Ashe Mischief said...

I have to agree with Jennine, the Sebby is amazing!

Also, its nice to see his face when it's not moving around all crazy like on Twitter!

R. A. Mare said...

what a great post.

WendyB said...

Yay for dudes who are open about being Sparklers!

Chillinfoxie said...

Another fan here. Love your blog and attention to wonderful details...