Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mad for ModCloth

I've lately become a bit obsessed with incorporating more dresses in to my wardrobe. Typically I'm all about a top and skirt but ever since buying a dress with Miss WendyB in NY and then getting the francis Nautical Flag Dress (soon to be shown, I promise), I just want more adorable dresses.

Well, I made the big mistake of going over to ModCloth and thinking I would harmlessly click through and see what was new. Now that I'm not really planning on shopping at Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters, I still need cute quirky clothes and, boy, does ModCloth fit the bill.

I quickly ended up with 4 adorable dresses in my shopping cart. I plan on accessorizing the heck out of these with cropped cardigans, girly heels, vintage hats, hair bits I've made and maybe even giant flowers tied on with wide satin ribbons.

First dress is a sweet retro ivory and black polka dot with a swishy skirt. A simple classic that I know I'll pair up with a black lace cardigan or an infinite number of jewel tones in belts and heels.

I adore this dress because of the print. I have a giant silk peony just waiting to wear with this. And I think a vintage straw purse too.

While I was looking at purple, I spied this snazzy number. It looks so cool and breezy yet covered with ombre sequins. Sequins all day long... perfect!

This red plaid dress is something I can't get enough of. Sort of picnic-y with parts 1950's sundress and I hope that neckline looks as good on as it does here.

I was home on Saturday and got in the mood to be all kinds of crafty, so I went to the local Michaels to see if I could get supplies for a number of projects that had been rattling around in my brain. I spent the whole night making a bunch of hats and hair pieces. I promise to show the full process, but here are two I made with this dress in mind.

The mini-boater was fully inspired by the Marc Jacob's boaters and vintage piece that I saw recently. I wanted faux cherries, but no luck! Maybe soon. I could make a million of these.
I was considering putting this little nest on too, but in the end it seemed like too much so I made a hair comb instead.

The big problem is now I'm addicted to ModCloth dresses. I have another one I'm thinking about right now. Their prices are so good it is hard to resist. Plus they go so well with all my other girly stuff.
Are there any other ModCloth fans out there?


Birdie! said...

OH! That nest/egg bow is amazing! Where did you find the tiny nest? I was looking for something like that when I did the parasol party accessories....

Princess Poochie said...

I actually found the nest and the eggs in the floral decorating section of Michaels. They were not together, but I just glued the eggs in.


TheShoeGirl said...


R. A. Mare said...

I've been a Modcloth addict for a while now . . . check their site every day for new stuff. They're great. You might also check out

Jennifer Nicole said...

Even after saying that I don't like sequins, I have to admit that I'm in LOVE with that sequin dress you posted. Adorable!

Robo said...

I love Modcloth, too, but have yet to buy anything because the dresses I like never come in my size. Le sigh. I'm resigned to just browsing and pining.

WendyB said...

The tiny nest is adorable! And I'm very taken with the sequined dress.

Kristi K said...

must have the dots . . .really, must have :-)

Cal said...

Uh YES! I adore modcloth. Although I don't buy much from them I use them constantly for inspiration before going to the thrift stores. You should definitely follow them on twitter...they do fun contests every thursday :)

Miss Jeanett said...

The floral dress is SO pretty! That's my favorite!