Friday, May 14, 2010

Ensemble du Jour - 4-30-10

I'm still loving my dress form! I like playing dress-up with it, sort of like Fashion Plates 3-D.

This outfit I wore a few weeks ago but have not had a chance to post. This is a pretty typical "me" outfit. Classic shapes, here a pencil skirt and v-necked knit top, but with interesting detail.

In shadow, above, and below with flash.

The interesting detail about this is the skirt. I love the gorgeous metallic pink and gold rose patterned fabric.

Because of the gold tones in the fabric and the Spring weather, I paired this with gold Manolo Blahnik heels.

The top is from Banana Republic, the skirt was from JCrew on sale and the necklace as a giveaway from Bloomingdales I think. This skirt would be great with a tucked in white button-down too. Maybe I should get one of those.


hiyaluv said...

lovely as always!

WendyB said...

It's like real-life Polyvore!

Vyque said...

that skirt's super pretty, I can't believe I missed it at J. Crew!

Dream Sequins said...

Those gold Manolos are dreamy... xx

Ella Mode said...

Ooh cool, you have a dressform. I thought of getting one for both outfits and starting to learn real clothes sewing, but I think I will wait until after the studio is finished being set up, and that's not until after the rest of the new apartment is.

I was then thinking about putting this money into savings for our eventual wedding. Dad has no money. Poor dad. But maybe I should put extra money into the home first.

In the meantime I came up with another idea for clothes photos. Beau bought a clothes hanger thing and I can bring that out onto the porch. I hope it works well.