Monday, May 31, 2010

SD Review: Tsubo Anush mary janes

I shared a review of the Asmik wedge mary jane from Tsubo last month and am ready to tell you all about eh Anush mary jane heel.

Like the Asmik, the Anush is cute and comfortable. I think of it as the work heel that you can wear when running on your feet all day, compared to the more casual look of the wedge.

The toe box is not tight and the adjustable mary jane strap ensures that even my high arches are not uncomfortable.

The heel has a modern curved shape, sort of a mini-banana heel or talon shape.

While this heel has a very professional look it still has the cushy insole that Tsubo is known for.

I tend to baby my shoes but you can't always be in control of where and how long you will be walking around and the Tsubo heels give you the flexibility to not have to worry about that. You can still look stylish and professional while being able to walk all day and on all sorts of surface. I love the fact that the sole is grippy without compromising the look.

The Spring/Summer collections are out with styles from casual sneakers and flats to sandals and heels (and some really cute boots), so check them out.


WendyB said...

The heel has a very cool shape.

Shoe Fanatic said...

Those are very different. They look comfortable