Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back to Brogues

Thanks to some of my lovely readers, I've been actually able to track down my dream white oxfords.

But now I face another dilemma... do I get them?

I can get these very shoes but they are 496GPB (approx $740) with the commando soles.  I could get them with flat soles for 305GPB (approx $450).  Pricey.  Which I knew they would be. 

So should I be more frugal? I did order the Steve Madden Milites but they ran very very small. So I sent them back. I could order up and have a frugal option.

Today I got an email about these Robert Clergerie trompe l'oeil Jili wingtips which are interesting but still not cheap at $495 at Barneys.

My newest, and least expensive, option are these Markey oxfords from ASOS.  They're only $63 have a good look but a dark sole.

So, more options.  What do you think?


Here's another witty option.  Not really a serious contender but unusual... What-A-Cut-Up Brogues from Anthropologie - $238


Lara said...

The commando soles really give them a special look... but that price tag! Holy cow!
And Steve Madden... just typing it makes me cringe but I really like the Milties and they are so much cheaper!

Go with your gut.

BTW, how are you feeling?

Poochie said...

I know! Pricey. I may have to save up. I don't want to support Madden either so I'm like, meh on that.

I'm getting better but now the husband is getting sick. I still get some nausea and dizziness which is really annoying.

Thanks for checking on me! : )


Ashe Mischief said...

You could always get the ASOS shoes and then have a cobbler put on a commando esque heel. I know Nubby gets some special heel put on her shoes, and it has that really oversized rugged look.

TheShoeGirl said...

I LOVE the R.C. ones!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

Dark soles with white shoes scare me because I ALWAYS associate the look with Pee-Wee Herman. The shoes with the brown sole are my favorite - naturally the most expensive. I can't believe it's so hard to find white oxfords with a brown sole!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want those shoes!! Save & get the commando sole!


Murray said...

These are Trickers... lovely!