Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blinded by the White

Again, a photo of shoes has ignited a shoe search.  I now need and will not be complete without a pair of white wingtip oxfords.

I saw this image and was instantly smitten.  I love the classic oxford detailing paired with the chunkier sole.  I'm trying to be frugal so I don't want to pay a fortune for them, ideally. If I could find these exact ones, I might cave to a higher price tag but for a stand-in I'm looking at $100 or less.

Except I have no idea who makes them or if they are for men or women.  I'd never fit into a men's size but trust me, I searched. Every site I could think of and even a Google image search.  Heck, I searched the kids' departments too. I didn't find the pair above, but I did come up with a few options.

1. Crown Vintage Jazzy Oxford flat at - $39.95

They're not bad but they don't look bright white and they do seem more jazz shoe than oxford.

2. Comme des Garcons oxfords on - $365

Oh, I love these.  They're not wingtip but their simplicity is stunning. The shape is perfect.  If these came in gold they would be my dream oxford.  But the price tag is putting me off for the white pair I'm settling for.

These are great as well.  What I love is the whimsical nature of the wingtip design.  Instead of the traditional pattern, the perforations are in fleur-de-lys/butterfly/floral scroll. So charming.  The toe is a bit more pointed than I want and they are also a bit more than I want to spend... but I'm tempted.

4. Steve Madden Miltie on - $69.95

These are pretty cute and very close to my inspiration shoe.  They don't have the cool sole but they do have the fun kiltie detail and the price is well in range.  

Lots of options, with some compromises. Which ones would you get?


Ashe Mischief said...

Have you checked ASOS? They often have a lot of great oxfords... I feel like I'd seen white ones before?

Anonymous said...

The contrast stitching and lug sole would lead me to believe they are Doc Martens.

Anonymous said...

try church's, they had a white pair in milan's window today and they looked perfect! the ones in the photo I think are from tricker's

Poochie said...

Thank you all! I'll check out all the ideas.


TheShoeGirl said...

Have you seen the new Prada ones?? TDF. That may be what the first pic is??

TheShoeGirl said...

...if not they're really close

Anonymous said...

Topshop has the Jeeves, although it does have a heel.

Anonymous said...

Almost positive these are Church's.

mushytoes said...

i have a pair of shoes that looks like the Steve Madden shoes you posted, but with a different sole :) i don't know how to post a photo here though. i bought it at a store here in the Philippines.