Monday, May 2, 2011

Instant Access - 4/25 - 5/1

Last week I said "what a week".  I think that was a lie considering what we've all been through.

That said here are the details from my little Instant Access corner of the world.

Lots of color plus a new Spring favorite, Essie's Borrowed and Blue.

Milkmaid braids!


Lupine is my new favorite color.

We had an afternoon tea party at the office to celebrate the Royal Wedding. So I wore roses.

And changed up to Essies Topless and Barefoot for mannequin hands that matched my Manolos.

On Friday, my friend Sonja came up with the brilliant idea to have a breakfast and Royal Wedding watching party.  So it was tiaras and cupcakes for breakfast.

What a spread!  Pink Champagne!

I got gifts too.  I'm a bit in love with my commemorative mug.

Saturday was a perfect day for my favorite antiques fair.

I swear this purse would go for $300 nowadays.  I should have bought it.

I did get this amazing wood purse plus two gorgeous hats I can't wait to show you.

My neighbors got more baby chicks and Chickweed is smitten.

Of course, the week ended, late Sunday night, with momentous news.   Where will the world go tomorrow?

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