Thursday, May 5, 2011

Simply Summer

Summer, my least favorite season, is hot in NC.  Not as bad or as enduring as Florida
but, yeah, it is still miserable for me.  I'm already dreading it inspite of the coolness we are getting right now. 

So I'm on the look out for pieces that I'll still be happy about when I'm hating life in July and August.  I've been avoiding Target but I happended to pop in there for some hangers and found these really cute dresses.  Light-weight but not see through.  Totally comfortable, sweet fabic and not too short.  Perfect with a cardigan in a endless number of color combinations. And I can wear them with heels or oxfords... and I will be!  I got all three. At $25 each, it will be worth it.

Tan Rose -


Marianne said...

Huh. Those ARE cute. I am nearly 5'9", though, do you find them to be short?

Poochie said...

Not at all, at least on me. I'm about 5'4" and they are just above knee-length