Friday, May 6, 2011

Not Middling Style

Yes, I am doing a "I Love Kate Middleton's Style" post.  I can't help it.  I mean, she's seems nice, they both seem totally in love, she wears great fascinators and hats and she's a pro at mixing high and low.  Even her first post-wedding outfit was a Zara dress.

But what really caught my eye were these perfect black patent espadrilles.  I discovered they were the "Greta" style from L.K. Bennett and, sadly, were from Spring/Summer 2008.  (2008! Three years ago. Kate hangs on to her shoes too. Look at her!  Awww... I'm smitten!)

Anyway, so I now need to have perfect black patent, closed-toe espadrilles.  How have I lived without them?!?  They're so perfect and just what I need. Not too platform-y, nice materials, not sandals. I must have some!

Shoe Search Time!!!

The first, and closest, I found were from Lanvin at Nordstroms.  Pretty but not quite as casual and they don't have the 1/2" platform.  Also, I refuse to think I can't find a cheaper option than $550.

These from BCBG at Zappos have a good shape but are a bit too tall and not patent.  I could lose the ankle strap too.   But at least they are less, $175, and close too.

The Steve Madden (I know, I know, ick!) Monarchy pair are at least closed toe, patent and a decent price, $89, but I don't like the cork heel/sole and they are much too high to be casually elegant. So I think a "No" for these too.

Who knew it would be so challenging to find a similar style.  Everything else were open toe and that's just not what I want. 

But, I haven't given up hope! 

I wrote to L.K. Bennett asking about the style (figuring they've fielded a ton of requests as the designer of her engagement dresses did).  I was hoping they would be bringing out more inventory, not realizing at the time that the style was from so long ago.  And good news, they said they would be putting out a similar wedge, the Kate (ha!), in the next month or so.  I'm hoping it will be very similar.

Now I just need to get a pair.  Wish me luck!


- Rachel - said...

Have you seen this one? It's peep toe, so not exactly the same, but might meet your criteria...


WendyB said...

I'm up for some new espadrilles for summer!

Smi said...

I feel peep toes should have looked better. Am I wrong?

Poochie said...

No right or wrong. I just prefer the closed toe option in this case.

Anonymous said...

Love these shoes...I also prefer the closed toe. I've also been looking everywhere for them but have had no luck. Good luck in your search!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you are still looking, but: