Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Managing Media

I know that things have been a little quiet around here.  We went off for a mini-break (it means true love, you know) and then on the way back my car had an ominous warning light come on which lead to my car being in the shop for days.  That, plus getting back to work and catching up has left us a bit frazzled.

In the midst of all of this time off and time back, I've been feeling the desire to make some changes in my life.  Some long term goals, some immediate needs - basically everything from where and how we want to live in 5 years to finances and a wardrobe overhaul.

No biggie.

And all this while, I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of content (books, movies, shows, articles for work and personal) to keep up all the social media sites I need to manage for my job and for the site and for personal.  Because this is my job as well as my hobby.  And even if I don't use every site personally, I need to understand the technology to help educate my agency and clients.

And frankly, I'm getting a bit overwhelmed.  Let's break it down. How I use it, how I value it and how can we make it all easier. What's expected to be shared and what can I just keep for myself. These are in a "my priority and preference" order.

Disclaimer - I heavily back up all of these online tools with their mobile apps or access them via my iPhone & iPad, equally if not more so than on my computer.

Twitter - @ShoeDaydreams

Twitter is frankly #1 to me.  I'd give up everything else before I give this up.  I love all the information I learn on there, the companies, brands and publications I follow and all of the friends I keep up with there.  I talk about them with my husband and probably interact and keep up with these people's lives as much as my offline friends.

I generally have the main Twitter site open in one browser tab, select people posts texted to my phone and keep Hoot Suite open in another tab to track the multiple accounts I use for the multitude of streams I manage.

But for fun I keep Trickle open on my iPad next to my computer so I can have the Tweets scrolling by and then jump on one that catches my eye.

Blog -

The blog is what got me started in this whole madness (now multiple blogs including The Daily Coop) but there times when I think it may stop.  Will I do this forever, probably not, but I like having a forum for sharing thoughts, inspiration and ideas.  It's not about opening certain doors as it is about connecting with friends. That's what keeps it going.

I have 2 computers and the BlogPress app for the iPad so I really should be writing more, right?

Facebook - Poochie and Shoe Daydreams pages

Facebook... I was coerced to join.  I do this to keep up with the folks not on Twitter.  Sadly, there are some folks I know who I'm trying to get on to Facebook just so I don't have to email them.. and those that I wish would actually get on email.  Yeah, really.

Flickr - PrincessPoochie Photos

I like Flickr, but as with YouTube, this is all about cross-utilization of content for me.  Gives an extra traffic and stats boost.  I don't want to know what it's doing for some of my followers (Flickr, home of questionable groups, you know)

Tumblr - Living in Fashion Exile

I actually like reading Tumblr more than adding to it. There are some great sites on there, especially for activism, politics, feminist issues and news.  I wish I had more time so I could keep up with it as much as I like.  The visuals shared on there are great too.  I add to it but mostly through Istagram and reposting.  I'm no Tumblr star I guess.

Instagram - @Poochie

I know there are those that are over Instagram but I love it.  It's fun and gets me to take more pictures with the camera I have out all the time.  I really should almost stop carrying around my real camera.

I usually check it out on my phone but Instaview is great to keep open as well for a quick glance at what's going on.

Pinterest - Shoe Daydreams

Sites like We Heart It, etc., are not my favorites mainly because it seems like a bunch of unsourced images posted up my teen girls... but I think Pinterest will be a bit different.  I don't plan on doing tons on here but so far I'm using it to remind me of stuff I'd like to DIY, to buy and images to save instead of in my huge Inspiration folder.  I just started on there so maybe this will evolve. The Pinterest app is pretty easy to use too.

Google+ - Poochie Cooler

Google+... is it just me or is this still confusing as all hell or so redundant that I can't get into it yet.  I'm just not ready I think.  But, hey, I'm giving it a shot and getting spammed my Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton and Laughing Squid.

YouTube - PrincessPoochie's Channel

YouTube is, again,  cross-utilization of content.  If it's good, it'll be on the blog. Maybe vlogging will be a good application for a later project I have planned but right now it's not my medium.

Honorable Mentions

Who's still doing this a lot?  I was hopeful for more from companies but it's not evolving as much as I would like.  Right now the most fun is stealing the mayorship from someone I know.  Ha!

Spotify - Shoe Daydreams

Love it for me.  Don't really care about sharing my playlists etc. 

I also love Instapaper (so great for reading a web article I don't have time for), Flipboard iPad app, Zino for magazines and multiple paper notebooks to make all the lists I like to make.

How do you prioritize your media in this crazy age?  Anything I'm missing (please, I hope no)???


Ashe @ Dramatis Personae said...

Oh girl, I HEAR YOU ON GOOGLE +. I just don't get it yet, and haven't had the time to figure it out.

Also, your list is pretty much like mine.

Lara said...

omg you ARE swamped!
It truly is overwhelming.
Yeah, Facebook is pretty much the worst for me. I despise it but, it's easy to keep in touch with the dinosaurs. Google+ does nothing for me. Totally redundant. I'm on it but never use it and probably never will.

I don't have apple products so, no Instagram but I use twitpic for every pic I post on Twitter.

I also don't use any of the other Twitter sites. I have the app on my Blackberry and use my laptop for the main site and that's it.

Twitter is my true love. Feel the same as you, would give it all up for Twitter. Well, I do love blogging too but after seeing all this, I can understand why you've been stressed about your own blogging.

I hardly use flickr anymore but should for links to posts for more hits. Tumblr... mainly just look, like you do. It's a bit too disorganized for me.
I LOVE Pinterest. Cancelled my "We Heart It" account. Def a lot of image stealing and childish mess on that one.

Oh, and no YouTube account and I don't use foursquare. Always had a problem with announcing to the world what I'm doing.

Natasha said...

Call me stupid, but I've spent hours figuring out how to create Facebook & Twitter profiles for my site. My next challenge should be Google+1... And only God knows what Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg have up their sleeves. Only hope they want make webmasters lives even more complicated :)