Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Instant Access - 8/13 - 8/28

Hello from Shoe World!

I'm sorry it's been sort of quiet around here.  We've been dealing with car repairs, work, 12-hour-each-way car trips, earthquakes and hurricanes!  How are things in your world?

But there are still shoes, right?

I needed to get in these two beauties before winter takes away all my wearing opportunities - Christian Louboutin Very Prive in cork and neon green suede Manolo Blahnik BBs.

Manicures are still happening too -

Cute polishes from Lé Métier de Beauté - above is the Bergdorf Goodman custom polish Lavande and below is the new copper, Silk Road.

My first attempt with a flower! Sally Hansen Ice Queen over Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud.

Within all the crazy times we did find time to go to this great architectural salvage place.  I'm in love with these pastel sinks.

These shades would be great in a powder room...

We ended up with these light covers.  They are going to be painted and go in our upstairs bedrooms.  Finished pictures someday soon, I hope!

We made the drive to Chicago to visit family.  Car trip means I can use some of my favorite luggage like my vintage American Tourister Tiara case... holding shoes, of course!

The pups came with us.  They are great car companions, even on a 12 hour trip.

Hope you made it through the crazy weather okay.  Now, back to posting.



Natasha said...

those neon green heels are so perfect for Saturday nights on the town! even the sole is green :)

WendyB said...

Great manicure!