Sunday, August 14, 2011

Excited for a Fluorescent Yellow Damask Cuff Bracelet

I'm so excited to have won this stunning Fluorescent Yellow Damask Cuff Bracelet from Rahya Designs via Miss Malprop.  I'm already picturing this paired with the tons of grey that I wear during the fall and winter.   It will keep the neon trend going and give me a much needed pop of color.

There is a lovely smoke grey version of this as well that I was really tempted to choose but I went with the bright instead.  Rahya makes a ton of other interesting pieces including rings and earrings.  Worth checking out!


Natasha said...

The fluorescent bracelets, earnings, necklaces... are must-have summer fashion accessories :)

reeha@cheap designer ahndbags said...

love that stuff. its really cool and stunning

Shoegal said...

I love it!!