Saturday, December 31, 2011

Change of Heart

I went into the drugstore just the other day... the day BEFORE Christmas... and the shelves were already lined with Valentine's Day candy!!!  What the heck, people?!?!  I haven't even started eating the candy from my Christmas stocking yet!

But, while I think it is very wrong to have candy hearts out already, I was very excited and happy to get the surprise my Sweetie brough home to me - the Valentine's Day themed Sally Hansen Salon Effects!

He knows I love these and brought me 4 of the 5 designs (buy one, get one 50% off at CVS, by the way).  These were the 4 I would have picked, so good job!

I love this pink/red/purple graphic design called "How Romantic".

The gradient, holographic pink hearts on white are adorable as well - "Speed Dating"

This swirly pattern is so pretty - "Are You Single"

And how cute are the Xs and Os done as hearts??? - "Cross My Heart"

My least favorite (and the one he didn't buy) is the word design "Love Always"

So not only should you go and grab these super sweet designs, you will be excited to know there are new core patterns coming for 2012 as well! Check them out...

I want to get Sweet Tart-an, Queen of the Jungle, Spring Fever and Love Letter. 
How sweet!!! 

I got my SHs at CVS but they are also available on/at ULTA.


Vyque said...

I still so desperately need to try these Sally Hansen nail sticker thingys!!!

Ashe @ Dramatis Personae said...

I saw love letter in our Walgreens the other day and then got a dirty look from the Beau... maybe if I use all the ones I have, it'll be a good excuse for new ones.