Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Falling for Fair Isle

The other day I mentioned I had been searching for the perfect Fair Isle items to add to my holiday wardrobe.  Well, I've actually been thinking about this since October when I saw the Sally Hansen Nail Effects patterns for the 2011 Holiday collection.

I may have found my perfect items in this tunic and sweater coat from Macy's.

I love Fair Isle in red and white, so that was my first criteria.  When paired with black (and on major sale), this sweater tunic will be great with leggings and boots.

And I'm going to wear it with the Plaid About You decals, plus some saucy red gloves.

And while I wasn't looking for a new cozy cardigan, this Tommy Hilfiger piece was so perfect in pattern and shape, that I couldn't resist.   I mean, what is more holiday-ish than these snowflakes?

And yes, the matchy-matcherson in me is probably going to wear the Snow Bunny decals with it.  Or maybe Peppermint Twist (the candy cane stripe design).

While I have a soft spot for these patterns and pieces on their own, even better is that they combine my two themes for the season.  They fit into the "Clean College Prep" style while using the "Chromatic French" color scheme.


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