Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Greatest Glitter - Miu Miu

I have decided that no other designer is doing as good a job with glitter as Miu Miu. Sure, I love the Loubies, but Miu Miu is staking a claim to the glitter throne.

Sure, their Noir sunglasses were awesome, but where they really shine are their shoes!  I love the fact that they don't limit glitter to just heels but they make sure, no matter what type of shoes you wear, you can have some sparkly glitter love.  If you want silvery glitter, you have a slew to choose from.

I personally was seduced into getting the classic pumps...

What a great heel profile!

But if you want more casual (yet still show-stopping), get the hightop sneakers.

A little bit lighter on the glitter but still snazzy when combined with black peep-toes.

Or all out, in your face, platforms.

I even like the subtle mix of the booties. The glittery heel is an unexpected surprise.

All of these gorgeous shoes are available now on  I have to say they have a great selection and their packaging is luxurious and delightful.  If you are trying to track down a special shoe or outfit, they are a great resource!


Heather said...

Oooo, sparkle!!

WendyB said...

I almost got a pair of black glitter clogs by Miu Miu a couple of years ago but I ended up getting my studded high-heel loafers instead. I think their glitter is awesome.