Friday, August 17, 2012

Push It Payless

Each Fall I get a little bit jazzed about the runways shoes by the Payless-affiliated designers like Lela Rose and Christian Siriano.  Not only do I like their clothing styles but they always show some lovely shoes.

This year was no different.  I pinned a few lovely pairs to my Fall 2012 board in hopes they would make it to reality...

But, sadly again, the reality is not as edgy as the originals.

While these pumps are nice enough, and close to those shown above, they are missing the sheen and the height.  Can't girls on budget have cute shoes too???  And these aren't even that "cheap" at $55!

Maybe more are on the way... right? Well, yes, the whole collection should be out in September. So I'm reserving full judgement until then.

The only collaboration that seems to really be consistently keeping up in the design arena is the Isabel Toledo collection.  I like her edgy style, especially these Fluevog-esque mary janes.

Two-tone, patent, fun heel.  These are heels I'd be happy to pick up from Payless, even for $55!

Payless, if you want to up your price range, you need to up your design bravery.


11 and Chic said...

Hey Poochie, Love the post. Very meaningful. And I love your blog, just discovered it and I think you're great! :)

I was just thumbing through the designer shoe collection for Payless a few days ago for my shoe blog and I just loved Christian Siriano's shoes.

However when I saw the pics that you posted of what the shoes were supposed have been drawn from I completely understand your disappointment. They're not the same! They're not as sophisticated. Still nice and I'm sure I'll feature a few of them on my blog, but they're not at the same level as the pics! Oh well...

But now I'm just wondering, where did you find those original Christian Siriano shoe pictures? Do the designers display somewhere what their new shoe collection is going to look like for retailers? If so where can I find them? It would be so helpful to me.
Thanks, Poochie! :)

Vanessa from 11&Chic

Poochie said...

Hi Vanessa,

The pictures were featured here -

and linked to in the copy. They are via Getty and probably on as well.

Hope that helps!

11 and Chic said...

Thank you so much, Poochie!

You just really helped me when it comes to exploring new material. I believe this will just help me expand my blog content.

Thanks so much. I also just wanted to say you're such an inspiration. 5 years strong and you have so much knowledge and a great personality in your blog (and I'm sure in person) I can tell because it really shines through in your blog.

I really hope you continue doing this with the same passion and zeal you've had for many more years down the road.

Take care, Poochie

Vanessa from 11&Chic

Anna Baxter said...

Wow, these are an amazing pair of shoes.

Anna Baxter said...

Wow, these are an amazing pair of shoes.