Monday, November 2, 2009

Sheath Your Talons - Toned Down Siriano for Payless

We've all seen how many of the designer/mass-market collaborations get toned down to appeal to the, well, mass markets. But I think this goes against the whole strategy at the collaboration's core.

Why should Payless even bother to work with and support a designer like Siriano who can help them tap into a new fashion-forward audience with the pieces he shows on the runway...

... and then water them down to the point that they bear no resemblance or retain any of their interest or appeal.

I don't normally shop in Payless because the style isn't usually there. But I have bought four pairs of their Lela Rose line and like them very much.
I know Christian's style is more extreme but they could retain something from the runway.
If they aren't going to commit to the styles then just don't bother!

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Michelle said...

I totally agree with you! A lot of people were so psyched to see his shoes for this year and then pretty disappointed when they actually debuted. I don't even think they really retain the feel of the runway shoes...