Monday, February 4, 2013

Golden Glitter Wings

I am entrance with these golden glitter sandals from AperlaïThey remind me of a modern Hermes (the Greek god) sandal.

With wing’ed sandals and staff in hand 
I fly and deliver across the land 
Wit sharp as knives, voice soft as fleece 
Messenger, of the gods of Greece. 

The patron saint of liars and thieves, 
 Still an ever constant force of good. 
I guide and assist he who believes 
As, I would think, any deity should. 

Spearheader of invention, athletics, oration, 
Brings me to note ‘Boxing’ was first my creation. 
 As such I watch over all matches and fighters, 
While still patron of poetry, poets, and writers. 

“Giant-killer Mercury,” they ask, “O who will prevail?” 
 I am he who is Hermes, and this is my tale.

Aperlia Spokette Glitter Sandals - $775 via Saks

Poem by AJ Halliwell 

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